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Welcome to”Dystopia, Today!”

Yeah, back then, the visions, yeah most of the time I was convinced… Shit… I’d lost it. But there were other times… I thought I was mainlining the secret truth of the universe.

— Rustin Cohle

hi everyone! welcome to 2020, 

& welcome to my new blog,

“Dystopia, TODAY!”

we don’t have: 

  • corded phones with video screens
  • commercialized jet packs
  • flying cars
  • zombies
  • pneumatic tubes that take you to work
  • dinner in pill form
  • robot nannies
  • teleportation devices
  • time machines
  • space elevator OR moon base
  • contact with aliens

we do have:

So, good job everyone, we’re getting there. I guess. Just don’t look down – right, Icarus? If you’re at all interested in my usually meaningless, irrelevant, and sometimes egregious opinions concerning these, and other issues, or just need a break from your rose-colored glasses, I invite you to stay awhile. Though not too long, as I do care about your mental health (albeit for liability reasons). 

“Dystopia, Today!”: Making Kafka Proud Since 2020


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