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[audible laugh]

i really have been trying to ignore the news. really i have. but this one – *checks date*- has to be a joke right? fake news? please? hl=en-US&gl=US&ceid=US%3Aen no, it’s probably real and, in this dumb blogger’s opinion, very predictable. will update with more later, but for now consider this: Traditional-Communist/Neo-Conservative nation with a historyContinue reading “[audible laugh]”

“Yes, Indeed, By Night We All Get Them…”

nothing rambly today – no news is good news, amiright? anyway, youtube’s spooky algorithm has done it yet again and delivered me this classic, right on time and relevant as ever: stay tuned, wash your hands, and remember: Remain Indoors!

subject: happy long weekend! (or, The World Is Cancelled)

Subject: happy long weekend; The World Is Cancelled From: ngtv_fdbk To: you bcc: Subject: happy long weekend; The World Is Cancelled “IS IT A CRISIS, OR A BORING CHANGE?” Well, this is fun, isn’t it?  The entire world has been cancelled due to a novel strain of a virus that just can’t seem to getContinue reading “subject: happy long weekend! (or, The World Is Cancelled)”

A Proposition: Let’s Quit While We’re Behind(Or, “Leap Year in Paradise”)

[article updated March 1, 2020] So…what’s with all the privacy and security-based firms violating our privacies? I thought it was your job not to do that? Maybe quit, then? I’m being facetious, but more seriously, my comments do originate from a place of deep and brooding concern; yes, there will always be hackers and boogie men,Continue reading “A Proposition: Let’s Quit While We’re Behind(Or, “Leap Year in Paradise”)”

Welcome to”Dystopia, Today!”

Yeah, back then, the visions, yeah most of the time I was convinced… Shit… I’d lost it. But there were other times… I thought I was mainlining the secret truth of the universe. — Rustin Cohle hi everyone! welcome to 2020,  & welcome to my new blog, “Dystopia, TODAY!” we don’t have:  corded phones with videoContinue reading “Welcome to”Dystopia, Today!””